Did you know that exercise can act as yet another way to clear up your skin? For most of us, some days are easier to exercise than others. Whether you are tight on time or struggle with motivation, making time for exercise a few days a week may be the solution you seek for amazingly clear skin.


The Skin and Exercise Correlation

Breaking a sweat through exercise will help your skin in a number of ways. Firstly, oil and dirt are lifted and extracted from your pores during a sweat which can have a directly positive impact on acne. Secondly, skin inflammation is greatly reduced through exercise which can also have a direct impact on healing damaged free radical cells. Thirdly, increased blood flow to the skin during exercise brings in additional nutrients to protect the skin and heal any damage that may have been caused by the sun and other offenders. And, lastly, exercise helps to boost the efficiency of collagen production. And, do not forget the added benefits of reducing stress in your life. All of these benefits will help to give you a youthful glow and clear skin as long as you keep it up.


Before a Workout

Do not bother with applying the same makeup you would for a night out to go to the gym. Studies show that wearing makeup while exercising is actually worse for your skin. If you are in the habit of putting on foundation, blush, concealer, pimple cover-up, or any makeup on your face that clogs your pores prior to working out, it is time to rethink this routine. Of course you want to try to look as good as possible when you are at the gym because let’s face it, this is a location where people judge and others go to meet new people; however, if you want to improve the long-term condition of your skin, wash your face before you workout. Also, have a clean towel on hand as you workout and pat the sweat off your face rather than to rub it to prevent further skin irritation.


After Working Out

If you wash your face and remove your makeup before you workout, you only have to rinse off your face with water rather than to use soap again. If you choose to workout in makeup, you will want to start with a cleanser to remove all dirt particles and open your pores followed by a toner and and exfoliation product. This will help to prevent any acne related developments from clogged pores and oily skin. Also, keep in mind that pimples can appear anywhere if you allow sweat to sit for too long including on your face, breasts, and bum. It is a good idea to shower immediately after a workout. And, to keep your skin looking radiant, be sure to re-hydrate. Re-hydration is not simply good for your body and overall health, it is also critical to maintaining your skin in top shape.


Exercise is essential for your overall general health and radiant younger-looking skin. Do not forget to remove any makeup from pore-clogging areas, and wash or rinse off your face after you workout to clean away all dirt and oil to prevent acne and other toxin-related skin issues.


*Tip: While wearing any makeup that is going to clog your pores is not recommended, with the exception of exercise-friendly sunscreen if exercising outdoors, you can always wear a bit of eye makeup and lip gloss to give yourself a little pep in your step if so desired.