Wintertime can be particularly difficult for many of us as the cold harsh winds painfully blow across our faces. Even in warmer winter climates, the air tends to be less humid leaving your skin less hydrated and dry. The loss of moisture in your skin and a dehydrated body can present significantly noticeable and unwanted results. Now is the time to begin healing from the long winter.


Dangers of Dry Skin

One of the biggest challenges of dry skin is the fact it can make you look significantly older than you are. YIKES! When skin is dry, wrinkles and fine lines are far more noticeable. When skin is well hydrated with proper moisture levels, it actually plumps the skin resulting in a minimized appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. Your dehydrated skin can also lead to severe dryness which has a number of potential issues including cracking, itching, peeling, scaling, appearing red, sleeping interruption, and developing sores and infections. Could it be any worse? The good news is, learning the root cause of your dry skin will help you to prevent such issues in future.


Causes of Dry Skin

In addition to the weather, dry skin can occur for a number of reasons, and it can also be somewhat confusing and complicated to fully understand. You might develop dry skin from living in a cold climate, however, you can also have dry skin from living in the desert. Basically, when the weather and environment is dry, your skin will likely mimic this, as well. Heat in all forms from fireplaces to furnaces can also create an environment that promotes dry skin, yet so can taking long hot showers or baths. Any detergent, soap, and shampoo designed to remove oil from your hair and body can also dry out your skin and hair. And, if you use the wrong skin care products, you can strip essential moisture from your face and body to reveal premature wrinkles. It does not stop there. Even various foods and drinks can remove moisture from your skin and damage skin cells.  


Food and Drinks

You may often think of certain foods and drinks hydrating your skin, however it is equally as important to be aware of various foods and drinks can actually absorb water and remove moisture from your skin, too. Coffee and soda drinks are great examples. Because they are caffeinated beverages, for the most part, they are technically a diuretic which can lead to dehydration. Have you ever woke up after drinking one too many, glanced in the mirror and immediately looked ten years older? Thank alcohol for that! Alcohol is a top offender of stealing critical youthful moisture from all over your body. So, after drinking too much not only do you feel poorly, but you will look it, as well. And, salty foods, sugar, and refined carbs can all contribute to dehydration and dry skin.


Dry skin can be embarrassing, frustrating, and it can make you look significantly older than you are. Fortunately, even though you may have dry skin now and again, or chronically, you can prevent dry skin through a proper skincare routine and the right food and beverage consumption. And, as always, water and sleep are your best friends in the fight against aging!