When most people hit their 30’s, they head straight to the anti-aging product collection fearful that the wrinkles, crow’s feet and age spots are all going to pop up overnight.

Hopefully you’ve been playing it safe with daily use of sunscreen through your 20’s. If so, you don’t have to worry much about aging when you’re in your early 30’s.  And if you haven’t been using sunscreen, there is no time like the present.  It’s the biggest defense against premature aging.

Hormonal fluctuations are more commonly seen in your 30’s and you might find your skin type changing with the seasons more so now than in your 20’s. What works for your skin this month might aggravate it in the months to come.  If you never lost that teenage acne and oily skin, you’ll be happy to know you’re probably going to find your skin settling down in acne and oil production.


Daily Routine

By this time in life, you should have the washing and moisturizing down pat. If you have oily skin, you can add a toner to the mix, but at this age, many (but not all) people drop the need for oil control benefits of a toner.   Make sure your daily moisturizer has at least SPF 15 in it and if not, add sunscreen as an extra step.


Should I Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

Once you hit your mid-30’s, you may start noticing early signs of aging, such as laugh lines, crow’s feet or even a line or two in the middle of your forehead. We know it’s hard not to freak out when you see those early signs of aging, but try to see the beauty in them.  The fine lines around your eyes are from smiling (and squinting, so wear sunglasses). There is joy in that!


Should you start using anti-aging product lines?

It all depends on your skin.  Some people still are dealing with acne at this stage in life. Anti-aging products can be heavy and can result in more acne.  In your 30’s think prevention, not reversal.  You don’t need to use the products that claim to reverse the signs of aging because you likely don’t have many of them.  Use the ones that fight off the signs of aging.  (Sunscreen is the superstar ingredient here.)


Want to Prevent Wrinkles? Wear Sunscreen.

90% of premature aging is caused by UV rays. Think that tan makes you look younger? It might today, but in a few years those wrinkles you’re trying to avoid will be totally obvious. Apply sunscreen daily and reapply every 2 hours when in the sun.  If you’re not wearing sunscreen, you’re not serious about preventing aging.


What About Eye Creams?

The experts all have different thoughts on eye creams. Some think it’s just an extra product skin care companies can make you buy while others think that the skin around your eyes is more delicate and needs extra hydration.  Typically we fall into camp A, but a good eye cream can feel so good when applied to your skin and if you have fine lines, it can temporarily plump them up with a boost of moisture.  It’s an optional product, especially in your 30’s, but if you enjoy using one, go for it.


In Office Procedures?

It’s easy to jump on the Botox train in your 30’s and some Plastic Surgeons are even recommending you do so in the name of prevention, but we recommend you take a deep breath, do some research and pick products that are best for people in their 30’s.   Look for ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and remember that many anti-aging product lines are intended for post-menopausal women who typically have very dry skin.  Get in to see a Dermatologist and talk about ingredients. You’ll come out with a wealth of knowledge. And remember, sunscreen and sunglasses can help prevent signs of aging.


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