New Skin Care Products and Skin Breakouts

A familiar experience for every woman is where you invest in a pricey vitamin serum or any other skin care product expecting some life-changing magic, which never seems to come. On the contrary, you get a crop of pimples, worse than before. Changing products can be both financially but healthily hectic. New products can cause skin breakouts if:

1.) You don’t follow direction

Every skin care product has its own set of guidelines and directions for use. Sometimes, disregarding these directions can have serious effects on your skin. It is important to follow the instructions given. A gentle application is necessary for the product to reach its target location. Practice a soft touch and use the product as advised by your dermatologist or the manufacturer.

2.) You over/under use a product

Over usage will not clear the breakout as much as you would like it to. You may be tempted to think that a higher dosage will achieve results in the shortest time possible. However, this is a great misconception. On the contrary, over-usage causes more redness and dryness and does not clear the acne.

In other cases, people quickly lose motivation if they do not see quick results. You can’t expect results overnight. You have to be patient with the process. Therefore, clearly follow the medication instructions and do not give up in the second week.  Under treatment fails to treat the breakouts. So can spot treating. It often does not fully treat acne because you have not treated the area next to it. A battle half done is not done at all.

3.) You use too many products

Sometimes, you may be tempted to use multiple products e.g. layering on multiple serums or moisturizers. However, this can be very dangerous. Too many products can counteract each other causing skin irritation. Moreover, the products may not be absorbed properly hence they clog the pores. Inevitably, a breakout is bound to occur. Changing products often because of delayed results will only irritate your skin.

It has been observed that self-treating acne can distress the skin which results in bigger lesions which often heal with spots and scars.   Stick to the product recommended to you by your dermatologist and patiently wait for the results.

4.) You have combination skin

Combination skin is basically co-occurrence of both dry and oily skin whereby your skin is dry in some areas and oily in others. It mostly a hereditary issue. The type of skincare products you use can cause or worsen this problem if they are not designed for this type of skin. The products you use should not contain harsh or skin-aggravating ingredients. These will dry out some areas of your face and simultaneously stimulate the production of oil in other parts. Therefore, the oil accumulates on your pores and clogs them causing a breakout. We can conclude that new products can cause breakouts for combination skin if they are not formulated for such skin.

Painful pimples can be a result of an adjustment to the new skincare products. This is why you should give them time to do their job and also start with a test patch. Remember that acne is both an external and internal condition so it is important to look at your lifestyle and diet as well.